Christmas-Spotting in Downtown Matsumoto!

Tue, Dec 18, 2018

⮱If you’re in Matsumoto this time of year then you’ve no doubt noticed the uniquely-decorated trees up and down Ise-machi Street.

⮱On the same broad avenue you might have seen the big Christmas tree outside PARCO department store.

⮱And at night you can’t miss the illumination around town.

⮱But keep walking. Keep exploring. All over the downtown area of Matsumoto you’ll find the spirit of Christmas on display.


⮱In BIG ways…

⮱…and in small.


⮱And it isn’t just the stores and restaurants. It’s not just the coffee shops and the bars.

⮱Here and there people are putting up their own decorations, adding to the community Christmas feel.


⮱Now all we need is a little snow!